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This is a widower's car that was put away for 15 years that we have put $11,000 into for maintenance and upgrades for her to drive. She is considering selling it to help pay for her daughters education.

1974 Pantera / $40,000
This is the refinished Burgundy Pantera. This car is immaculate inside and out. We re-did the engine after the new engine was filed with the new Zink less oil and flattened the cam lobes.

1972 Pantera / $55,000
Built in '96 on '72-1/2 L model CA car- no detectable body rust. Car is radically lowered- 4" ground clearance but easily adjustable w/Aldan double-adj coil-overs.


1974 Pantera
New Listing. Coming from 25 years of storage of a private collector. Late 70's beige interior, chrome early '72 bumpers, early 80's restoration.

1972 Pre-L Pantera / $54,000